Honeywell Sensing and Control Key and Ignition Switches

Honeywell Sensing and Control is proud to announce additions to its Key and Ignition Switch portfolio. We are now providing more combinations of connectors, circuitry, and key positions to better meet your needs. Please become familiar with the updated datasheet which provides product features and benefits.

Customization is standard with Honeywell’s Key and Ignition Switches. Honeywell’s broad range of options makes building the specific key switch for an application simple. Optional features of multiple unique key codes, momentary positions, terminal and integral connector types, UL-ratings, and various circuitry configurations are available to provide design flexibility. To maintain consistent branding, Honeywell also offers over-molded keys with custom logos. These options, coupled with the wide electrical rating and temperature range, come standard on every switch to meet your growing needs.

These rugged and reliable switches increase application reliability and facilitate seamless equipment operation. Their ability to keep dirt and moisture out of the contact chamber prolongs switch life. The two-, three-, and four-position key switch options easily integrate into specific application designs.

There are many options available in terms of packaging, connector type, positions, functions and terminal specifications.


  • Environmental protection: Designed and tested to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions and contaminants: temperature cycling, chemical splashes, pressure wash, vibration, dust, humidity, and salt. O-rings protect the contact chamber from moisture and dust while weep holes in the key cylinder housing facilitate drainage.
  • Improved durability: Stainless steel keyhole shroud and keyhole dust shutter add durability and corrosion resistance to the key tumbler/cylinder assembly. The key cover (key boot) protects key cylinder from dust and ingress.
  • Robust construction: Polypropylene plastic housing (rear) improves durability and supports equipment weight reduction.
  • Wide range of configurations: Two-, three-, or four-position switches, maintained and momentary (recoil) key positions, and numerous circuitry configurations allow for customization of equipment operation and control. UL certification options available, as well. To maintain consistent branding, Honeywell also offers over molded keys with custom logos.
  • Multiple key options: Double-sided keys allow for easy key insertion and switches can be designed to allow for key removal in various key positions. Up to 300 unique key codes are available to provide increased security and compatibility with existing keys.
  • Connector choices: Integral connector (Metri-Pack, Sumitomo): Two-, three-, or four-position switches. Screw terminal is available as two- or three-position switches.
  • Fast assembly: Integral connectors facilitate quick assembly and minimize the potential for wiring errors.