Turck YB2 LED Splitter

Turck announces an expansion to the YB2 line of compact disconnect splitters with LEDs. The new addition to the YB2 line features a translucent black over molded design. This encapsulates the LEDs and protects them from physical damage while also complimenting visibility. The LEDs are visible from both sides of the splitter, which allows for more flexible mounting options. The YB2 is available with an M12 (eurofast) trunk connector and either M12 (eurofast) or M8 (picofast) branch connectors. 

This YB2 splitter is also used to consolidate two separate discrete PNP device signals into a single cable or into a multi-port junction box. The YB2 is the recommended consolidation splitter for users with TURCK’s Z-style junction boxes.
The LEDs provide a visual indication of when power is applied and when one or both discrete signals are present. Additionally, the YB2 has a rating of 10-30 VDC at up to 4 amps and provides users with an ingress rating of IP67.
  • Encapsulated LEDs for better protection and enhanced visibility
  • Compatible with M12 or M8 branch connectors
  • Flexible mounting opportunities with LED visibility from both sides
  • Ideal splitter to be used with Z-style junction boxes