Banner Engineering Heavy-Duty LED Light Fixture for High-Temperature Environments

Banner’s WLH60 is a heavy-duty LED light fixture offering best-in-class brightness to illuminate applications in high-temperature environments. Its rugged construction and heat-resistant design will withstand continuous exposure to extreme heat and hazards common to these environments. Like other LED light fixtures from Banner Engineering, the WLH60 will provide years reliable service with no maintenance required.

  • Improved visibility in extreme environments:  Approved for use in areas with temperatures of up to 100 °C/212 °F, WLH60 LED lights can be installed in or near high-temperature areas that challenge other lighting solutions, eliminating glare from windows or machine surfaces that protect standard lights from the heat. The bright, cool white light improves light quality and intensity at the area of interest.
  • Increased operational uptime: WLH60 LED lights will never require a bulb or ballast replacement over a 36,000 hour (or more) operational life, eliminating the long downtimes necessary to access and service a light fixture in a high-temperature area.
  • Highly resistant to area hazards: Sealed to prevent liquid ingress and protected by a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure with an e-coat black finish, WLH60 LED lights resist high-pressure, high-temperature washdown, oils, and many chemicals.