Banner Engineering new capabilities for iVu Series Vision Sensors

Banner’s new capabilities for iVu Series Vision Sensors comes with the latest version of Vision Manager software and is packed with new capabilities that make it easy to build better inspections and solve more applications.


    • Match Eraser: Remove pixels from a taught pattern without stopping inspections to teach a new image. Imperfections and unnecessary details, like the scuffs inside the Banner logo (above left) can be erased from the taught pattern. During inspection they are ignored (above right) and will not affect the pass/fail criteria.
    • Match Search ROI: Find a specific part or feature in a specific location in the region of interest (ROI). Use this tool to verify presence and position in one inspection.
    • Motion with Match: Expands Motion capabilities by making it possible move or rotate ROIs by either Match or Edge.
    • Area Sensor Total Area: Measures the total area of objects in the ROI to verify that parts and features are within specific size guidelines. Available with the Area and Color Area sensor types.
    • Average Color Tests: Pass or fail inspections based on specific RGBI/HSI color values. This builds on the ability to export color values over Ethernet or serial.

Banner Engineering iVu Series Vision Sensors

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