Phoenix Contact High-Density Inserts with Push-In Technology for HEAVYCON

Phoenix Contact’s Push-in Technology (PT) has been an incredible advancement for wire terminations. This technology allows people to be significantly more productive and consistent with those terminations. While HEAVYCON has had Push-in terminations for some time, density has been a limiting factor. Crimp terminations are a time-honored method of achieving higher density within a connector, but now, that supremacy is being challenged.

As Phoenix Contact continues to advance its Push-in Technology, actuators are becoming smaller while still being robust enough for use in industrial applications. Given that, the HEAVYCON line now has several new contact inserts that take advantage of these advancements.

In the lineup of fixed inserts, the BB-series now comes in a PT alternative. A B06 housing can now carry 10 PT contacts, while a B24 can now have up to 46 PT contacts.

However, if you move from fixed inserts to the modular line, you can now find 6, 8, and 12 position inserts. That means in a B24 housing, you can accommodate up to 72 PT contacts. If you combine these with the existing five-position PT insert and five-position TPT (twin push-in termination), we have even more ways to mix and match inserts to conform to each application’s requirements.

The best part about all these new inserts…it’s extremely easy to make the conversion even in the middle of a project. All the BB-series inserts and the new modular inserts are fully intermateable and interchangeable with their crimp-contact counterparts. With compatibility like this, you can be confident in knowing that Phoenix Contact can help with all your getting-through-the-cabinet needs!


  • Easy, tool-free installation with Push-in connection
  • Space savings and high-packing density, thanks to the compact terminal chamber
  • Comprehensive range with the right Push-in insert for every size
  • Intermateable with other connection technologies, such as crimp connection and axial screw inserts
  • Compact modular interface, thanks to the combination of various transmission media in one housing
  • Protection against mismatching, thanks to coding with plastic profiles for BB inserts, or add-on guide pins and sockets for modular inserts

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