Banner Engineering WLB72 Inspection LED Light Bars

The Banner Engineering WLB72 Inspection is a high-efficacy task light used for industrial work areas. It is simple to install, can be cascaded, and comes fully assembled. The bright, uniform output of the WLB72 reduces shadows, improves visibility, and gives workers the light they need to work efficiently and without making mistakes. While diffuse-even light can hide objects, the focused beam of the WLB72 enables workers to see contrast. The bright, focused white light of the WLB72 Inspection improves worker productivity and has a low cost of ownership.

Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective Design
The WLB72 Inspection has powder-coat finish for increased durability. It is ideal for industrial applications because it is rated for shock and vibration. The WLB72 comes fully assembled for faster installation and lower shipping costs. Dimming improves surface detection and allows for ease of the eyes. The WLB72 Inspection product is designed specifically for use in paint and surface inspection tunnels in motor vehicle, construction machinery, and aerospace manufacturing.

Quick and Easy Installation
All models of the WLB72 Series are cascadable, simplifying installation and wiring for additional ease-of-use. The WLB72 Inspection allows for fast installation with multiple integrated mounting options or accessory brackets. It is a durable light with a metal housing and shatter-resistant window, and is rated for use at 120VAC to 277VAC.

WLB72 Inspection lights are ideal in industries that require uniform illumination, such as automotive, material handling, and general manufacturing. These bright lights improve safety, productivity, and quality in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Assembly line inspection for surface inspection
  • Offline inspection stations
  • Inspection lighting

Banner Engineering WLB72 Inspection LED Light Bars

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