E-T-A The Next Generation of the 3120 Circuit Breaker/Switch

E-T-A’s Next Generation of the 3120 Circuit Breaker/Switch has maintained a 30-year reputation of providing customers with the highest quality breaker/switch combination with integral circuit protection on the market. In an effort to sustain the reputation of the 3120, their design team updated and enhanced the product portfolio, supported by customer feedback and current market trends.


  • Single or double pole thermal circuit breaker/switch combination
  • Voltage ratings: AC 240 V, DC 50 V (AC 415 V upon request)
  • Current rating range: 0.1 … 20 A (up to 30 A upon request)
  • Optional: push-in terminals for easy and quick wiring with a long-term stability
  • Extendable functionality through appliance inlet module
  • Functional extension options with add-on modules for low voltage release, auxiliary contact function, remote trip or fast magnetic trip

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